Shipping Cradles for Boats and Yachts

Shipping Cradles

Our Shipping Cradles are purpose-built to move your boat in heavy seas

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We endeavour to fully understand client objectives, as a result our cradle service provides clients with the best advice. Time is taken to explain methods ensuring a successful outcome is achieved always exceeding the clients expectations.

After witnessing the dangerous problems that standard boat yard cradles cause when used to ship boats (SEE EXAMPLES), which void cargo insurance, create loading delays in the docks and onboard ships and increase the shipping costs, developed new Shipping Cradles, designed for the purpose of shipping boats at sea. Our Cradles are simple to assemble and load, Certificated and marked with WLL (weight load limit) complying with ship owner’s and insurance requirements. 


It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that boats are lashed and secured to a cradle suitable and strong enough for the purpose of shipping. Due to numerous and high profile accidents Insurance underwriter’s and ship owners insist that boat shipping cradles are Certificated or the Cargo Insurance is void, and the boat rejected for loading onboard the ship. The resulting dead freight charges and all the subsequent costs are payable by the shipper.  

Don’t risk your boat being delayed in the docks, your insurance being voided, and the extra costs of dead freight charges.

Let us cradle your boat safely